Carrie Smythies Home directory entry web page.

2010.11.18 Add Grade 12 graduation and awards pages.
2010.10.29 rel="NOFOLLOW" does not work the way I thought. Take it out.
2010.10.10 Add links to soccer and field hockey pages.
2010.10.10 Add local NOFOLLOW web crawler directives, via rel, to pages that are just pictures.
2010.10.10 Overhaul for W3C HTML 4.01 strict compliancy and using generic css include file.
2009.11.16 Delete Carrie's horse stuff page as it contained missing pictures and such.
2007.09.05 2007 Horse show added.
2004:06:27 First Horse show added.
2004:01:12 Added (missing) return to root web pages.
2003:08:01 Add Horse camp 2003. (with thumbnails the proper size).
2003:06:06 Add Como lake Grade 6 Kyak Field trip, autogenerated version.
2003:06:04 Add Como lake Grade 6 Kyak Field trip.
2002:11:28 Create index.html web page for Carrie. Provide links to her HTML pages.

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