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2015.01.10 Add a bot trap page link to, hopefully trap e-mail address harvestors and bad bots into a page that takes an hour to load.
2011.08.27 Added notes and pictures from Doug and Graham's Black Tusk hike.
2010.10.29 An error in my interpretation of "rel=NOFOLLOW" in links requires fixes.
2010.10.11 Add Generic Field Hockey link and remove individual links.
2010.10.11 the Generic Soccer page has been overhauled. Remove all inidividual soccer links from this level.
2010.09.20 fix some typos and add some nofollow directives via rel directive within some hyper links.
2010.06.01 Add Generic lacrosse link. Remove individual links to each year.
2010.04.27 Overhaul for W3C HTML 4.01 strict compliancy and using generic css include file.
2010.02.11 Add link to genealogy pages.
2009.12.23 Add Christmas 2009 page.
2009.12.23 Add an absolute link to this page. This is mainly for admin purposes and when working in the master copy folders. It provides a way to get here.
2009.09.18 Edit just to make change
2009.01.07 Add Christmas 2008 page.
2007.11.20 Deleted some stuff.
2007.07.04 Add Soccer U18 Provincials page.
2007.06.10 Add Lacrosse Intermediate B page.
2006.12.29 Add Christmas 2006 page.
2006.11.13 Add Gordon and Gerri Ormistion 50th wedding anniversery at Salt Spring Island from August 2005.
2006.11.09 Everything is almost restored. Now start to add new stuff. Add Lisa's Wedding stuff.
2006.11.06 Everything is still hooped. Add link to Doug directory.
2006:07:17 The orignal Smythies.com server crashed in June 2005 (over a year ago!!!). This ubuntu server is on and old old computer. Lots of links are broken, I know.
2005:04:11 Added Midget A1 Lacrosse team page.
2004:12:22 Create Xmas 2004 page.
2004:12:19 Pictures from Gerri's 70th birthday. Note: no red eye fixed, bad ones not deleted etc.
2004:08:03 Pictures from Colbourne family picnic, August 2004 (Cyd's side).
2004:04:10 The automatically built picture display web pages have no "click" to return to the previous level. Make those links create a seperate browser window.
2004:04:10 Pictures from Graham's rubgy game April 7th. For future updates on rugby, look in Graham's web pages (I.E. they will not be linked to from here).
2004:03:31 Pictures from Graham's rubgy game today.
2004:03:31 Added Midget A2 Lacrosse team page.
2004:03:31 Added link to Graham's web pages. They've been there awhile, but never linked from here.
2004:01:20 Network related stuff will now be in a seperate set of pages.
2003:11:02 Mom's 85th birthday (bulk processed).
2003:10:11 Update the lacrosse link. "PING" traffic will be re-enabled.
2003:09:28 Update the soccer team links for the season change.
2003:08:16 Trip to Bel_Haven August 2003.
2003:06:06 Automatically generated version of Como Lake grade 6, group 2, Ocean Kyak pictures. Or navigate via Carrie's Pages (Duh, should'a started to use that software a long time ago!!! I only would have saved about 147 hours since I have been doing pictures!!!
2003:06:04 Como Lake grade 6, group 2, Ocean Kyak pictures. Or navigate via Carrie's Pages
2003:05:03 Added link to U12 Crushers, Field Hockey.
2003:04:07 Added link to Lacross Boys Bantam A1 pages.
2003:02:23 Click here for the pictures of poor Dana with her broken nose.
2002:12:29 After about a year, some pages are showing up on search engines. I have noticed several google web robots have browsed Smythies.com several times, however today is the first time I have ever got a smythies.com related hit on google.com (actually google.ca). I still do not get a hit on yahoo.com, askjeeves.com, infoseek.com...
2002:12:23 Add a spot (link) for this Christmas. Christmas 2002
2002:12:15 We (finally) got a digital camera. Add link to page test/learn page.
2002:11:25 Click here for the family dinner picture from Scott and L.B.'s new digital camera (they actually got one, whereas I only talk about it).
2002:10:08 Finally, a plain text based main web page is put here. My Microsoft Word based page, kept changing link address' so that they did not work anymore, except, of course, if one was using a Microsoft based Web browser.
2002:10:07 Finally, figured out how to do a table in html (wasn't hard, just never got to it before). Test versions.

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