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2003 Provincials: Summary:
Gold metal game: Adanacs win in overtime. Very close game. Contradulations, you boys showed a lot of heart out there.
Crossover games: Adanacs won the game against New Westminster. Sannich won the game against Kamloops. So for the finals, it's Adanacs Vs. Sannich in the gold metal game, and Kamloops Vs. New Westminster in the Bronze game.
Round robin: Adanacs 4 wins and 1 loss in the round robin. Adanacs in first place going into the metal placement games. All of these games have been so very close, and really all 6 teams are very well.
Adanacs play New Westminster in the metal placement game.

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2003:07:26Graham should get a game misconduct for too many relatives in the arena at one time.

2003:07:19Click here for some notes on Nutrition and eating to consider for this last week. These notes are adapted from the reasearch done for the recent Soccer provincials that some of the boys were involved with. I guess the only comment I would add is to also use some common sense. We did have some boys (carnivores) at the soccer provincials crying out "where's the meat" after a couple of days. Also some of them didn't eat enough breakfast because they were not thrilled with what we had available.
Some other quick notes from what John A. and others were suggesting to do / watch for:
The main points were:
Avoid things that drain away energy. Stay out of the pool. Stay out of the heat / find cool places between games.
Get lots of sleep.
Keep other energy consuming activites to a minimum, and concentrate on recovery between games.
We have an advantage that we do not go on a road trip for provincials this year. We have a disadvantage in that the other teams probably have air conditioning in their hotel rooms.

2003:07:01Click here for pictures from the game on 2003:06:30
2003:07:01 I hear it was a great tournament in Victoria, complete with a "nail biter" double overtime finish in the Gold metal game.
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