Lacrosse - One of the Coquitlam Midget A1 Adanacs 2005 web pages.

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The most current schedule.
Web form of Ontrario trip CD-ROM that everybody on the team should have.
The dogwood tournament duty roster.
Wendell's pictures of PoCo and Burnaby Games May 11th and 16th (missing see Ontario pictures - Wendell directory).
Wendell Video: Mike K. Power play goal. Format: Quicktime 4 seconds. 1.2 Megabytes.
Wendell Video: Matt shot, saved. Format: Quicktime 5 seconds. 1.4 Megabytes.
Pictures from May 2nd game against other Coquitlam Team.
Old old old running notes, until I get a chance to update them.
Some Lacrosse Links (from 2003)
Old Midget A2 pages from 2004
Old Bantam A1 pages from 2003
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2006:11:09 was broken for over a year. Added Ontario pictures. Last Game and windup photos can be found in the Onatraio web pages. Some Wendell stuff got lost but it can be found in the Wendell directory of the Ontario trip pages.
2005:04:12 Evidently, Provincials are in Po Co this year. Click here.
2005:04:11 Create this page to prepare for upcoming season. Some links are still dead ends.
Please note: There are two Midget A1 teams this year, so this might not be the site you are looking for. I'll try to add a link to the other teams web pages if and when they have a site(s). - Lacrosse - Midget A1 Adanacs Entry point Web page. 2006:11:09