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The most current schedule.
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Eating suggestions for tournament week.
Please note: The next few links are to large files. Download might take awhile, and it can easily be the server that is the bottleneck. The same video is given in two file sizes and two formats. Due to lack of cooperation between Microsoft and Apple, sometimes Quicktime videos merely lock up and do nothing in windows media player. If that happens to you, try the AVI format.
Click here for "Oh-Lay" Video. Format: Quicktime 25 seconds. 1.8 Megabytes.
Click here "Oh-Lay" Video. Format: AVI 25 seconds. 2.0 Megabytes.
Pictures from wind up.
Pictures from provincials - Gold Metal game against Victoria/Esquimalt. 2004.08.01
Pictures from provincials - Metal Placement game against Richmond 2004.08.01
Pictures from provincials - Ceremony 2004.07.31
Pictures from provincials game 3, against PoCo 2004.07.31
Pictures from provincials game 2, against Victoria Esquimalt 2004.07.30
Pictures from provincials game 1, against Prince George 2004.07.30
Pictures from practice 2004.07.29
Results of final Rochester box lap. 2004.07.27
Pictures from game 2004.07.11
Pictures from game 2004.06.23
Pictures and video clips from game 2004.06.08
Pictures from game 2004.05.02
Pictures from game 2004.04.25
Pictures from Ex-game 2004.04.14
Old running notes, until I get a chance to update them.
Some Lacrosse Links (from 2003)
Old Bantam A1 pages from 2003
Midget A1 pages from 2005
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2005:04:11 Add link to 2005 Midget A1 Adanac web pages.
2004:08:02 Congratulations to the A2 Adanacs on winning the Gold first place metal at the provincials tournament.
Pictures have been bulk processed and posted. I'll fix flash red eye shots and such in the next few days.
That was an exciting and long day. I'm tired, and I just watched.
If you got some pictures, send them and I'll add them to this posting.
2004:07:31 The boys are in the semi final at 10:30 game time. I don't know which areana, blue or green.
2004:07:30 to 08:01 Adding stuff as fast as possible after the event. Note that to save time later, some links are being added before the actual event web pages are ready. If it is now after the event, just keep re-trying the link and eventually it will work.
2004:07:29 Added pictures from practice.
2004:07:28 Added run results from yesterday.
2004:07:25 Added notes on eating for upcoming provincials tournament.
2004:07:11 Added pictures from July 11th 1st of best of 3 playoff games.
2004:06:26 Added june 27th to July 5th Schedule.
2004:06:24 Added pictures and video from Richmond game of June 8th.
2004:06:23 Added pictures of tonight's game.
2004:05:27 Added new duty schedule (Holy crap, I have a duty but can not be there tonight).
2004:05:27 Updated May June July Schedule.
2004:05:26 Added June July Schedule.
Sorry that I wasn't there to take pictures when the team won the tournament on the weekend.
2004:05:13 Added May long weekend Tournament Schedule.
2004:05:05 Added Schedule 5 with game location and time change for Saturday.
2004:05:02 Added some pictures. Added Schedule 4 with 1/2 hour added to Tuesday practices, for running after floor time.
Note that I do not post the team list here, because I not want to feed automated e-mail address harvesters.
2004:04:07 Create this page to prepare for upcoming season. A lot of links are still dead ends. - Lacrosse - Midget A2 Adanacs Entry point Web page. 2004:08:02