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Site Security
Draft of current Network Diagram July 2015.
Draft of old proposed Network Diagram (for 2011).
Draft of old network diagram (~~ late 2010).
Network Diagram for 2010.
Older network diagram.
Oldest network diagram.

Server CGI directory and doug c programs.
Server disk space.
Last logons.
Who is currently logged on.
System Information.
Network TCP connections.
Server Processes (example multipart document).
Whatever Test script I am working on.
Previous version of this page

2015.12.04 There was a wind storm. Electricity was out for a couple of hours. smythies.com was unavailble for about 2 hours and 32 minutes. Begin: 2015.12.04 16:17 (local time).
2015.08.31 There was a wind storm. Electricity was out for 28 hours and 42 minutes. smythies.com was unavailble for about 30 hours. Begin: 2015.08.29 12:13 (local time).
2015.07.31 Update network diagram.
2014.12.18 Packet level logging was disabled for 24 hours from 2014.12.17 08:50 to 2014.12.18 09:00
2012.10.12 Smythies.com was unaccessable for several hours today while the server was upgraded to Ubuntu server edition 12.04.1.
2012.07.25 Smythies.com was unaccessable for about an hour due to temporary loss of electricity.
2012.06.27 Reverse DNS lookups for the new static IP addresses still do not work. (ISP Issue).
2012.06.21 Smythies.com was unaccessable for about 21 hours after unexpected loss of the new static IP addresses (ISP Issue).
2012.06.15 Network diagrams are out of date with respect to external IP addresses.
2012.06.15 Smythies.com was unaccessable for about 14 hours due to failure to update master namer server records after a forced static IP address change (ISP Issue).
2010.12.31 Known issues from below are now fixed. Samba server added. Cups print server added. Firewall has some debug chains added.
2010.12.22 Known issues: resolve.conf gets overwritten and server looses ns1.smythies.com as primary DNS (domain name server)
2010.12.22 Known issues: local network reverse lookups do not work. (see db.192)
2010.12.22 Deny of Service and memory leak vulnerabiliy discovered. Use /bin/bash in cgi scripts instead of /bin/sh (uses /bin/dash).
2010.12.22 Major major network makeover. See network diagrams for details.
2010.12.22 There have been, and will continue to be, network outages during this major network overhaul.
2010.04.16 Updated network diagram.
2009.12.25 Updated network diagram.
2009.12.22 Very often, there seems to be a problem when I use the sftp window in SSH. It will not close and everything related to SSH locks up. The processes on this server also seems to stay running forever. I have to kill them manually or re-boot. I have not been able to gain any insight into the issue with my searches on internet.
2009.12.03 Updated network diagram.
2009.12.02 Smythies.com was unaccessable for about 120 hours due to failure to update master namer server records after a forced static IP address change.
2009.11.19 Three hour power outage last night.
2009.11.05 There was a power outage a couple of days ago. smythies.com is being re-booted serveral times over the next few days as startup scripts are being changed and tested.
2009.03.01 Add Server Processes CGI script. Directly from page 458 of HTML & XHTML The Definitive Guide. Add system info script. Add TCP connection script.
2008.06.24 Annoying web crawling e-mail address harvestors keep extracting the few e-mail addresses that are embedded in old pages. Remove the e-mail addresses.
2008.04.29 There was a power outage today. I had left the Ubuntu CD-ROM in the drive yesterday, so the server did not re-boot by itself. Smythies.com was off-line for several hours.
2008.04.28 Upgrade server with patches and such. Add postgrey daemon in an attempt to reduce the constant stream of unwanted e-mails.
2006.12.15 Two power outages this week were the cause of smythies.com being off-line for several hours on Dec 11th and Dec 15th.
2006.11.11 No, in order to use the default location of /usr/lib/cgi-bin, I need to keep the absolute addressing for CGI scripts. An alias from /cgi-bin to /usr/lib/cgi-bin is set up in the "sites-avaiable/default" file. Remove the "mail status" link, as This version of Linux doesn't have the command. Add test.cgi link.
2006.11.11 Make CGI links relative instead of absolute, in an attempt to make them useable in the test/rebuild copy of smythies.com
2006.11.11 Take out links to webalizer stats and useage stats. Those utilities do not exist in this Ubuntu version. CGI links still don't work yet.
2006:07:18 The original Smythies.com server crashed in June, 2005. This ubuntu server is temporarily installed on an old old computer. Lots of links are broken, I know.
2005:04:23 Smythies.com crashed at about 4:04 A.M. today, during daily log rotations and process re-starts. It was offline until about 8:00 A.M. (P.D.T.)
2004:11:13 On November 11th there was several hours where the apache web server was off line. I was trying some things with the httpd.conf file, and I screwed them up.
Note that there have been a few gaps in access because of problems with my ISP that I have not made specific entries for herein.
2004:06:26 Backups of smythies.com do not work with links in the root web pages. For several hours today, many root page links were deleted so that a long overdue backup could be made of smythies.com. Sorry for any inconvieniance.
2004:01:20 Created this page. Network status bulletins will now be posted here.
2004:01:15 Smythies.com crashed today. I do not know why.
2004:01:14 The network monitoring tool that I finally got sort of working, gives bogus numbers for actual I/O traffic.
2004:01:14 Smythies.com server somehow thought it's name was "smythies" instead of "smythies.com" for the last several days (since the re-boot after the three hour power outage December 31st). As a result, some web links were broken and valid e-mail was rejected. The issue has been resolved.
2003:05:29 My ISP has dropped my ADSL twice in the last few weeks. This causes www.smythies.com to go offline until I re-boot it.
2003:12:27 Smythies.com server was re-booted several times today during upgrade sessions. Last chance for free upgrades to RedHat Linux version 7.2. Support ends at the end of the year.
2003:09:28 Smythies.com has had poor internet bandwidth for the last week. This is an ISP (Telus) problem.
2003:09:04 Smythies.com was off internet for about 104 hours due to problems at my ISP (Telus). Due to very heavy "PING" traffic related to a variant of the recent blaster worm, the firewall has been temporarily set to not respond to ICMP echo request packets.
2002:12:29 After about a year, some pages are showing up on search engines. I have noticed several google web robots have browsed Smythies.com several times, however today is the first time I have ever got a smythies.com related hit on google.com (actually google.ca). I still do not get a hit on yahoo.com, askjeeves.com, infoseek.com...

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