The old page that was here was merely saved from MS word. This version of this page is a simple text file. The MS word version keeps automatically changing "/" to "\" in my relative address'. Anyway click here if you actually wanted the old page.

I haven't got a clue what I am doing with web pages and such. This directory is where I test stuff. Nothing in here is assured to work properly. Come to think of it, nothing in the other directories is assured to work either. Let's put it this way: Things are even less likely to work properly from here.

Basic text editor created HTML page.

Most basic HTML page Template.

Test picture via link.

This link is probably broken.

Basic table stuff, expansion of basic HTML page.

First test of frames.

Second test of frames.

Links to my server web spaces.

Redirection Example (to another site).

Redirection Example (local). test area. 2004:01:20 Updated 2010.04.16