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2014.04.10 Added a link to Carrie's Nepal trip.
2014.02.05 Added a link to my linux notes pages.
2011.08.07 Added a link to my PHP pages, as I start to learn and test PHP.
2011.04.12 Added a page about GoogleBot invented random web pages (looking for 404 response).
2011.02.22 Add network notes page.
2010.10.10 Add links page with some links that I use often.
2010.09.18 Small changes in an attempt to increase changes that search engines will index this page.
2010.06.09 Break out experimental pages into a seperate area.
2010.04.29 Add W3C valid HTML and CSS icons. I will not be adding them on every page.
2010.04.29 Overhaul for W3C HTML 4.01 strict compliancy and using generic css include file.
2010.04.25 Added a miscellanious page as this page is getting cluttered.
2010.04.14 Added a page about strange "HTTP GET" requests and Microsoft SmartScreen.
2010.03.19 Move archives to a seperate directory.
2010.02.15 Add link to audio test page (another saga).
2010.01.07 Added link to genealogy pages.
2009.09.28 Added a page about googlebot trying to find hidden URL's.
2009.03.28 Added a visit counter, because I have always wanted to know how to do it.
2009.03.19 after a saga of flash testing, made new links to some test pages I will keep.
2009.03.13 Add a link to a generic test HTML page.
2009.02.28 Add some notes on DosBox, a cool program that fully emulates an old MS-DOS environment. Allows operation of old programs. Remove old temporary link. Move the pages that I do not want web crawlers to follow to another page. Change the meta tag on this page to follow from nofollow.
2007.11.20 Add another snapshot of as of this date.
2007.07.29 Added some pictures (from Pavel) from my Kodak/Creo retirement party. (Pavel was experimenting with a new flash, so exposure varies).
2006.12.04 Add a meta tag. Try to direct robots to not follow the links from here, as they are mostly copies of stuff.
2006.11.10 Remove link to Lisa'a wedding pictures, as they are now filed on the main page. Since many people have the link in an e-mail and maybe bookmarked, I have put a redirection page at the old spot.
2006.11.09 Remove temp link to Adanacs Ontario trip.
2006.11.06 I need to get on with restoring links. At least make what I have available in the meantime.
2003:07:09 Add this web page as a test to see if /home/doug/public_html is available as on other linux / free bsd / unix systems. Does the root web page index to ../index.html from here?

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